The luxurious cuvee D.Rock Brut Gold is the first champagne worldwide with a handmade logo made out of over 1000 crystals.

The unique and instantly recognizable golden bottle contains the perfect mix of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir with an unrivalled smooth bouquet that will bring joy to your tastebuds.

Champagne D.Rock Brut Gold is a multi-vintage champagne: It’s a combination of 2011’s and 2012’s most remarkable pickings.


55  % Pinot Noir
40  % Chardonnay
5% Meunier
Coloured with 12 % Bouzy red wine

2 years ageing on laths

20 g sugar per litre

 The beautiful raspberry nuances of the colour will first seduce you. Then the nose, fine, fruity and aromatic. And finally the mouth, round and delicious, flourishing on intense notes of red fruits.
e Rose is the perfect companion to a red fruit crumble or chocolate cake.

Blanc de Blancs

Composition :100% Chardonnay    Maturation :3 years ageing on laths

10g sugar per litre

The colour, bright and deep, is adorned with multiple green reflections, typical of “pure Chardonnay.” The nose is lively, fresh and intense. The mouth, soft, is led by strong citrus notes.
The Blanc de Blancs will match beautifully with a veal fillet or a sole meunière